Jackie Wilson … Cross the tracks Crossover Soul …

Jackie Wilson [] – Light My Fire [Brunswick] – Cover version of The Doors

Jackie Wilson [] – I’ve Learned About Life [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson [] – This Love Is Real [Brunswick] – Crossover

Jackie Wilson [] – The Fairest Of Them All [Brunswick] – The A side to Whispers (Getting Louder)

Jackie Wilson [] – It Only Happens (When I look At You) [Brunswick] – Cover of Aretha Franklin [Atlantic]

Jackie Wilson [] – Love Uprising [Brunswick ] – Superb Crossover also done by the Chi-Lites and Otis Leavill

The Chi-Lites [] – Love Uprising [Brunswick] – Crossover

Otis Leavill [] – Love Uprising (Live) from Ian Levine

Jackie Wilson [] – Just As The Feeling’s Over [Brunswick ] – So Soulful Crossover

Jackie Wilson [] – I’m The One To Do It [Brunswick ] – Crossover Also covered by Lavern Baker

Lavern Baker [] – I’m The One To Do It [Brunswick 775408] – Crossover

Jackie Wilson [] – You Left The Fire Burning [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson [] – Beautiful Day [Brunswick ] – Crossover


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