Darrow Fletcher – Discography UPDATE!

Many thanks to Derek’s Daily 45s for the addition of the following 5 missing tracks from the Darrow Fletcher Discography.

Darrow Fletcher – Now Is The Time For Love (Part 2)

Darrow Fletcher – I Think I’m Gonna Write A Song

Darrow Fletcher – We Can’t Go On This Way

Darrow Fletcher – I Like The Way I Feel

Darrow Fletcher – I Gotta Know Why


The remaining outstanding missing tracks are:
Dolly Baby [1971 ] Uni 55270
Try Something New [1975] Crossover 980
We’ve Got To get An Understanding [1976] Crossover 983
This Time I’ll Be The Fool [1976] Crossover 983
Let’s Get Together [1978] Atco 7083

It would be fantastic to have Darrow’s full discography available, so any assistance in finding these would be greatly appreciated.  I have found these tracks listed on a couple of record dealers sites and have contacted them but I think their sites are long out-of-date as I have had no response as yet.

P.S. Links available now for previous Ollie Nightingale & Lynn White post.


3 Responses to “Darrow Fletcher – Discography UPDATE!”

  1. richard solis Says:

    I will make every effort to not miss on listening to this wonderful singer. Thanks a lot.

  2. Many thanks rare and quality peace….

  3. I have 3 of the 5 missing Darrow Fletcher tracks available. Is there a direct way I can contact you via email? Please contact me at the above email address. Thank you

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