Paramount Four, The [2010] – Sorry Ain’t The Word [Kent 6T 26-A]


Very little known about The Paramount Four.  It would appear that they were a 60s group from Gallatin Tennesse. I’ve uncovered four tracks, three of them I’ve linked to You Tube and the other ‘You Must Leave Her Because You Love Her’ appears on a Kent compilation CD ‘Deep Shadows The Best Of Kent Ballads’ CDKEND 342 and the CD notes state that it’s a stunning group ballad produced and arranged by Bob Holmes in Nashville.  Caldwell Jenkins from Gallatin, Tn. was one of the members of the group and he left a comment on a couple of the You Tube clips.  If you read this Caldwell it would be great to get some background on the group as ‘Sorry Ain’t The Word is currrently a huge sound on the UK soul scene gaining an issue on 100 Clubs 6ts 31st Anniversary 45.  The label states that it will be on the forthcoming ‘Masterpieces of Moder Soul Volume 3’.  well worth the price of the CD for this cut alone!

Masterpieces of Modern Soul Vol. 01

Masterpieces of Modern Soul Vol. 02

100 Club, Oxford Street, London 6Ts Rare Soul Allnighter 22nd May 2010

The Paramount Four – I’ve Made Up My Mind []

Early 60s soul ballad.

The Paramount Four – You Don’t Know [Southern City 1115]

Northern Soul allnighter biggie from the mid / late 80s played by Pat Brady covered up as Lost Souls.


4 Responses to “Paramount Four, The [2010] – Sorry Ain’t The Word [Kent 6T 26-A]”

  1. Caldwell Jenkins Says:

    all members of the group are alive and well and still live in the Gallatin area. we are all retired,

    • design delites Says:

      Hi Caldwell – glad to hear that you are all alive and well – that is a truly fantastic 45 – you guys should be mighty proud – brilliant!!!


  2. William Ellis Johnson Says:

    Hi, my name is William Ellis Johnson, I am also one of the Paramount Four. To God I give the Glory, Yes I am still very much alive and extremely blessed.

  3. Steve-o Says:

    What a tune! And some!

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