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Jackie Wilson – R&B Time …

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Some earlier 60s ‘rawer’ R&B cuts …

Jackie Wilson [] – Soulville [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson [] – That’s Why R&B

Jackie Wilson [] – You’d Better Know It R&B

Jaclie Wilson [] – Baby Workout

Jackie Wilson [] – I Can Do Better [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson [] – Lonely Life [Brunswick]

Jackie performed this? song it the Movie, “Teenage Millionaire”.The melody is from a classical piece, words by Al Kasha who wrote 7 songs for Jackie as well as for Steve Lawrence, Elvis and many more including 2 Academy Award songs, for “The Poseidon Adventure” and “Towering Inferno” “Lonley Life” reached #80 on the charts in 1961. The flip side, “I’m Coming On Back To You”, also written by Al Kasha, charted at #19 Pop and #9 R & B. Jackie Wilson had 5 chart hits in 1961 [PutOnASweater]


Jackie Wilson does Motown …

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Jackie Wilson teamed up with The Count Basie Orchestra around 1967 and covered a number of Motown hits …

Jackie Wilson & The Count Basie Orchestra [] – Uptight (Everything’s Alright) – Cover version of Stevie Wonder [Tamla]

Jackie Wilson & The Count Basie Orchestra [] – My Girl [Brunswick] – Cover version of The Temptations

Jackie Wilson [] -I Was Made To Love Her [] – Cover version of Stevie Wonder

The Northern Soul of Jackie Wilson

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Here are some of the Northern Soul favourites from Jackie Wilson …

Jackie Wilson [] – The Who Who Song [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – The Fountain [Brunswick] – RARE!

Jackie Wilson [] – Soul Galore [Brunswick] – Northern Soul Stomper

Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker [1965] – Think Twice [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – You Can Count On Me [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – You Can Count On Me [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson [] – I’ve Lost You [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – Nothing But Blue Skies [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [1971] – Try It Again [Brunswick] B side to ‘Love Is Funny That Way’ – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – Whispers (Getting Louder)[Brunswick] – Northern Soul – Covered by The Isley Brothers

Jackie Wilson [] – Because Of You [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – I Don’t Want To Lose You [Brunswick] – Northern Soul – Covered by The Bell Boys

The Bell Boys [] – I Don’t Want To Lose You [Jamar J-31698-729] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – Open The Door To Your Heart [Brunswick] – Cover version of Darrell Banks [Revilot] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – Since I Showed You How To Be Happy [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – You Brought About A Change In Me [Brunswick] – Northern Soul

Jackie Wilson [] – What’Cha Gonna Do About Love [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson Said …

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Following on from my ‘debut’ post more from Mr. Excitement …

Jackie Wilson [] – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher And Higher) [Brunswick] – Classic – Cover version of The Dells [Chess]

Barack Obama [] – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher And Higher)

This is GREAT … and very clever … check it out

First Post – My All-Time Favourite – Jackie Wilson

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Mr. Excitement!

Mr. Excitement!

Jackie Wilson [1968] – 45 – I Get The Sweetest Feeling [Brunswick 55381]

Hi … and thanks for dropping by.  I’m new to the blog scene but have been inspired by the many quality blogs out there sharing and spreading the world of rare soul.  There are plenty of blogs catering for rare funk, disco and 80’s grooves, but I haven’t really found one (that is not member only) dedicated to pure / real soul music. …. So here I am … stay tuned.

What to post first?  Wasn’t actually that difficult.  A tune I have grown up with and NEVER tired of.  A tune that lifts me up every time I hear it.  Pure Chicago soul from the golden era 1968.  The legendary Jackie ‘Mr. Excitement’ Wilson who was sadly taken from us when he was, in my view, at his very, very best – The Soul Years on Brunswick.  The tune surely needs no introduction, the CLASSIC ‘I Get The Sweetest Feeling’. Written by Van McCoy & Alicia Evelyn, orchestra was directed by Willie Henderson with Motown’s  Funk Brothers performing the instrumental track and The Adantes on background vocals.  The song was released 3 times 1968, 1972 and 1987, becoming more successful in the UK with the 2 latter release both hitting Top 10.

Rarely covered, presumably because Jackie’s version could never, ever be topped.  The only covers that I am aware of include:

Erma Franklin (Brunswick),


The B side of Erma Franklin is another cover version of Jackie’s excellent  ‘Whispers (Getting Louder)’ from 1966.

The Chants (RCA 1969 1823)

The Chants

The Chants

The Chants [1969] – I Get The Sweetest Feeling [UK RCA 1823]
The Chants were different from the rest of the beat groups in that they were a black vocal group who had a style which owed much to American groups of the Fifties such as The Ravens and The Flamingos. They were formed in Liverpool in 1962 and originally called themselves the Shades.

Late in 1962 they turned up at the Cavern club for an audition but didn’t have a backing group, the Beatles offered to provide backing for them, but Brian Epstein objected. John Lennon overruled him and the Chants made their Cavern dubut in November 1962 with the Beatles providing their backing.

Despite his initial opposition, Epstein briefly took over the management of the group early in 1963. They found him ineffectual as a manager and he agreed to release them. Then they signed with a Manchester-based agent, Ted Ross, who arranged a recording deal with Pye Records.

The Chants made an impact on several tours and in Eddie Amoo they possessed an effective performer..

They sustained their career throughout most of the ’60s without troubling the charts despite recording for several different labels. In the mid-seventies singer Amoo finally found success with the disco band The Real Thing.

‘I Get The Sweetest Feeling’ was The Chants last single release.

The Platters.  Perhaps I will post these at a later date?

Later covers were also done by 2 UK pop singers:

UK Pop Idol winner Will Young in 2002 as the B side to CD single ‘Long And Winding Road’ / ‘Suspicious Minds’

Liz McClarnon (Atomic Kitten) 2006, double A side to her solo single ‘Woman I Love’ (Barbara Striesland) – it peaked at #5 in UK charts – Liverpool (scouse) connection with The Chants / Real Thing!

I’d be interested if anyone out there could expand on this list.

Anyway ENJOY and look forward to many more quality posts.

P.S. All posts will be password protected (SoulMan) in an effort to discourage lazy bloggers stealing links.


Michael Jackson dancing to Jackie Wilson (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me ) Higher And Higher