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Debbie Taylor Live @ Wilton 9/11/2013

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Inspired by my attendance at the Debbie Taylor gig at Wilton on Saturday 9th November 2013 spurred me to reactivate this blog after a long sabbatical. What a great lady and a true performer.  She did two sets, the first kicked off with probably her best know track on the Northern Soul circuit ‘Dont Nobody Mess With My Baby’ released in 1970 on GWP Grapevine #202. She followed this with ‘Never Gonna Let Him Know’ GWP-501 1969, ‘Check Yourself’, Decca #32259 1968, the previously unreleased ‘ All That I Have’ until issued on a Kent CD ‘GWP NYC TPB’ in 2005 in the UK and finished the first set with ‘Don’t Let It End’ and the flip side ‘How Long Can It Last’ issued in 1969 on GWP-510.

The second set opened with her modern soul classic from 1975 ‘Just Don’t Pay’ which was on the flip of ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave You’.


Chantique [1979] – I Know I’m Falling In Love [AIP 1001]

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Format: 45
A: Too Much of Anything (It Ain’t Good)
I Know I’m Falling in Love
Label: AIP
Cat No: 1001
Year: 1979
Value: $77

Quality smooth 70’s soul dancer from Detroit on Arnold Ingram’s label.  The featured track is the B side.  I can find absolutely no information about Chantique.  I suspect this may well be their only release, which would be surprising because this is quality and the A side is pretty good also.  They may well have gone on to record (or recorded previously) under another name.  Any information would be welcome.

Teena Marie R.I.P.

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Teena Marie

Teena Marie

De Ja Vu

Someday We’ll All Be Free

It was a great shock whilst listening to Solar radio last week to discover that Teena Marie had died in her sleep on Boxing Day 26th Dec 2010 at the age of 54.

I bought her debut album ‘Wild & Peaceful’ as a US import on spec from a review in Blues & Soul way back in 1979 and on the strength of her debut single ‘I’m Just A Sucker For Your Love’.  Even to this day this album stands the test of time, not least for the classic De Ja Vu (I’ve Been Here Before) which was also released as the flip to ‘Sucker’.  By way of a tribute I’ve uploaded the 12:25 minute live version released on the CD issue of her 1981 ‘It Must be Magic album, which is preluded with her interpretation of Donny Hathaway’s ‘Someday We’ll All Be Free’.  I think this is a fitting tribute and a showcase for the indisputable talent of the world’s greatest white soul singer dubbed quite rightly as ‘The Ivory Queen Of Soul’.

The sad irony is that after taking a sabattical for most of the 90s to bring up her daughter, apart from her independent release of ‘Passion Play’ on her own Sarai label which unfortunately sunk without trace owing to limited distribution, her return in 2004 with La Dona, followed by Sapphire in 2006 and Conga Square in 2009 showed that she was back at her best with La Dona and Sapphire being her best sellers on Billboard and being nominated for a Grammy for ‘I Still love You’ from Conga Square.

In total Teena released 13 studio albums between 1979 and 2009.  Another album ‘Black Rain’ was scheduled for release in the early 2000s, and some copies were released on promo, but it was never officially released.  Many of the tracks have appeared on later albums.


The Motown Gordy Years 1979-81

01 1979 Wild & Peaceful (18 R&B 94 Billboard)

01. I’m A Sucker For Your Love
02. Turning Me On
03. Don’t Look Back
04. De Ja Vu (I’ve Been Here Before)
05. I’m Gonna Have My Cake (And Eat It Too)
06. I Can’t Love Anymore

02 1980 Lady T (18 R&B 45 Billboard)

01. Behind The Groove
02. Now That I Have You
03. Lonely Desire
04. Aladdin’s Lamp
05. You’re All The Boogie I Need
06. Can It Be Love
07. Young Girl In Love
08. Why Did I Have To Fall In Love With You
09. Too Many Colors
10. Why Can’t I Get Next To You
11. Co Pilot To Pilot

03 1980 Irons In The Fire (9 R&B 38 Billboard)

01. I Need Your Lovin’
02. Young Love
03. First Class Love
04. Irons In The Fire
05. Chains
06. You Make Love Like Springtime
07. Tune In Tomorrow
08. You Make Love Like Springtime (Reprise)

04 1981 It Must Be Magic (2 R&B 23 Billboard)

01. It Must Be Magic
02. Revolution
03. Where’s California
04. 365
05. Opus Iii (Does Anybody Care)
06. Square Biz
07. Ballad Of Cradle Rob & Me, The
08. Portuguese Love
09. Yes Indeed
10. Square Biz (Instrumental)
11. Someday We’ll All Be Free ( Live)
12. Deja Vu (We’ve Been Here Before) (Live)

The Epic Years 1983-1990

05 1983 Robbery (13 R&B 119 Billboard)

01. Robbery
02. Playboy
03. Shadow Boxing
04. Midnight Magnet
05. Fix It
06. Ask Your Momma
07. Dear Lover
08. Stop The World
09. Casanova Brown
10. Playboy (12In Remix)
11. Midnight Magnet (Instrumental)

06 1984 Starchild (9 R&B 31 Billboard)

01. Lovergirl
02. Help Youngblood Get to the Freaky Party
03. Out on a Limb
04. Alibi
05. Jammin’
06. Starchild
07. We’ve Got to Stop (Meeting Like This)
08. My Dear Mr. Gaye
09. Light

07 1986 Emerald City (20 R&B 81 Billboard)

01. Emerald City
02. Once Is Not Enough
03. Lips to Find You
04. You So Heavy
05. Shangri-La
06. Batucada Suite
07. Love Me Down Easy
08. Sunny Skies

08 1988 Naked To The World (15 R&B 65 Billboard)

01. Trick Bag
02. Call Me (I Got Yo Number)
03. Ooo La La La
04. Crocodile Tears
06. Surrealistic Pillow
08. Work It
09. The Ball
10. Naked To The World

09 1990 Ivory (27 R&B 132 Billboard)

01. Here’s Looking At You
02. The Sugar Shack Prelude
03. The Sugar Shack
04. If I Were A Bell
05. Just Us Two
06. Mr. Icecream
07. Ivory (Atone Poem)
08. Snap Your Fingers
09. Cupid Is A Real Straight Shooter
10. How Can You Resist It
11. Since Day One
12. Miracles Need Wings To Fly
13. The Red Zone

The Nineties & The Noughties

10 1994 Passion Play (Sarai)

01. Warm As Mommas Oven
02. Main Squeeze
03. Wild Horses
04. Smooth Tip
05. Hypnotized Prelude
06. Hypnotized
07. Parking Music
08. Sweet On You
09. Slow Grind
10. Climb The Walls
11. Breakfast In Bed
12. Passion Play
13. Pretty Man
14. The Air I Breathe

11 2004 La Dona (3 R&B 6 Billboard)

01. La Dona (Intro)
02. Still In Love
03. Honey Call
04. Baby I’m Your Fiend
05. My Body’s Hungry
06. A Rose By Any Other Name
07. Off The Chain
08. Makavelli Never Lied
09. Revelations 38 Introduction
10. Recycle Hate To Love
11. The Mackin’ Game

12 2006 Sapphire (3 R&B 24 Billboard)

01. God Has Created
02. Cruise Control
03. Baby Who’s Is It
04. Make It Hot
05. Ooh Wee
06. Sleeping With the Enemy
07. A.P.B
08. Love Is a Gangsta
09. Ladies Choice
10. Somebody Just Like You
11. You Blow Me Away
12. Simmer Down
13. Romantica
14. The Way You Love Me
15. Ecstasy
16. Resilient (Sapphire)

13 2009 Conga Square (4 R&B 20 Billboard)

01. The Pressure
02. Can’t Last a Day
03. Baby I Love You
04. Ear Candy 101
05. Lover’s Lane
06. Marry Me
07. You Baby
08. Milk N’ Honey
09. What U Got 4 Me
10. Rovleta’s Jass
11. Congo Square
12. Harlem Blues
13. Black Cool
14. Ms. Coretta
15. Soldier Boy
16. The Rose N’ Thorn

I am in the process of building compilations for the 3 periods above to post in the next week or so, simply because she has too much good material for a single compilation to do her justice she deserves.  Having said that, like many artists, some of her 80s uptempo material simply doesn’t hold up to the test of time.  Personally, I love her interpretation of ballads, her vocal range makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

I noticed that over at All Soul And Funk they have reuploaded most of her albums.  There is at least one killer on every single one.

She had a number one 45 on the R&B charts in 1988 with ‘Ooh La La La’ from ‘Naked From The World’.  My favourites tracks from each album include:

I’m Gonna Have My Cake (And Eat It Too) – Wild And Peaceful 1979

Aladdin’s Lamp – Lady T 1980

Irons In The Fire – Irons In The Fire 1980

Portuguese Love – It Must Be Magic 1981

Casanova Brown  – Robbery 1983

We’ve Got To Stop (Meeting Like This) – Starchild 1984

Sunny Skies – Emerald City 1986

Ooo La La La – Naked To The World 1988

If I Were A Bell – Ivory 1990

Hypnotized – Passion Play 1994

I’m Still In Love – La Doña 2004

You Blow Me Away – Sapphire 2006 (Tribute to Rick James)

Can’t Last A Day – Congo Square 2009

Ty Karim

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Ty KarimTy Karim along with her husband created the quality Northern Soul dancefloor favourite ‘Lighten Up Baby’ which has been appreciated by British Soul fans since the 1970s. Years later DJ Ian Clark started spinning the equally good uptempo ‘Ain’t That Love Enough’ which also found an appreciative home on the scene. As the scene opened up to include 1970s later sophisticated ‘Modern Soul’ songs such as the 1970s update ‘Lightin’ Up’ would be introduced.

It was also realised that Ty was also known as ‘Towana and the Total Destruction’ which introduced ‘Wear Your Natural Baby’. With a broadening range of songs by the artist being appreciated Kent explored putting together a definitive CD of her recordings. This lavishly produced CD has sweet sound from the mastertapes, extensive sleevenotes and a sense of care in its creation.

Ty was along with so many other artists such as Sandi Shelton, Bettye Swann or Dee Dee Warwick, a marvellous artist who never broke through to the mainstream. However the quality of her music is undeniable and this CD will be an essential purchase for fans of 60s and 70s soul music.

Sadly Ty is now deceased so this CD provides a fitting testament to a great talent whose appreciation genuinely does grow over the years.

Here is the story of a family of three black LA musicians that showcases the vocal talents of the wife and mother, Ty Karim. Her husband Kent Harris’ vocal career was largely over by the time she came into his life and he then spent most of his musical energy producing and promoting his wife’s soul recordings. 43 years on from those first recordings, the couple’s daughter Karime, now performs that wonderful music to the same UK fans who have searched out and appreciate the scarce releases of her parents over the last three decades.

Ty Karim

Ty Karim

Ty Karim was a stunning looking, tall and elegant LA soul singer with a raw emotive vocal delivery who recorded from the mid 60s to early 80s. Her recordings were mainly original dancefloor-inspired numbers; always very dynamic and great vehicles for her husky voice. The 60s tracks are Northern soul at its best and their rarity and excellence has put three of them into the £1000+ bracket, even though ‘You Really Made It Good To Me’ (Check price here) was issued on three different catalogue numbers. ‘You Just Don’t Know’ (Check price here)is the hugely expensive number, only ever issued on Kent Harris’ Romark label and now costing £3,000+, but worth it for those glorious vocals and the cascading piano fills alone. ‘Lighten Up Baby’ is another costly item whose full story could fill a book, given the time. Even the 70s remake of it, ‘Lightin Up’, is on the pricey side (Check price here) but like most of Ty’s 45s is a stunning double sider with a beautiful James Taylor, of all people, song on the flip.

60s Big Beat ballad fans should look out for the stunning ‘All At Once’ which may have passed them by as its flip commands such a high price. Due to heavy local sales ‘Help Me Get The Feeling’ is a relatively cheap (we’re talking hundreds not thousands) single but an equally great 60s Motownesque dancer.

The Complete Ty Karim - Los Angeles Soul Goddess

The Complete Ty Karim – Los Angeles Soul Goddess

Ty and Kent’s crossover funk ‘Wear Your Natural’ presaged the 70s soul sound that Ty also mastered. She worked through that decade with ‘Lightin’ Up’ the standout release, and then into the 80s, when her 12” collaboration with George Griffin ‘Keep On Doin’ Whatcha’ Doin’’ gained her new overseas fans. We are pleased to be able to include her prototype of that song ‘If I Can’t Stop You (I Can Slow You Down)’ as recorded by CB Overton and Johnny Bristol; it has got the Modern Room DJs licking their lips already.

Sadly Ty died in 1983, but with her daughter Karime living only a couple of miles from Ace, we’ve pieced together this fascinating story. It includes how a Northern soul fanzine article about her mother inspired Karime to move to the UK and eventually led to her singing her parents’ wonderful music to very appreciative crowds on today’s Northern Soul circuit. Kent Harris has given us complete access to all his master tapes and photographs and we have even found new material and alternative takes on some of Ty’s songs, including a great blues version of ‘Lighten Up Baby’. The musical clarity from the masters is particularly good too; given the understandably poor sound quality of previous bootlegs of the music.

From being an almost mythical and revered West Coast chanteuse, we can now appreciate and understand Ty Karim for the sublime artist she was.

By Ady Croasdell

Kent CDKEND 308

Ty Karim (2008) - The Complete Ty Karim Los Angeles Soul Godess (Kent 308)

Ty Karim (2008) – The Complete Ty Karim Los Angeles Soul Godess (Kent 308)

1 Lighten Up Baby

2 Help Me Get That Feeling Back Again

3 Ain’t That Love Enough

4 Only a Fool

5 All at Once

6 Lightin’ Up

7 Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

8 Wear Your Natural, Baby

9 You Just Don’t Know

10 You Really Made It Good to Me

11 I Ain’t Lying

12 Take It Easy Baby

13 Don’t Make Me Do Wrong

14 Keep on Doin’ Whatcha’ Doin’

15 Keep on Doin’ Whatcha’ Doin’

16 Natural Do aka Wear Your Natural, Baby

17 I’m Leavin’ You

18 All in Vain

19 After Your Love Has Gone

20 All at Once [Alt Vocal]

21 Lighten Up Baby [Alt Vocal]

22 If I Can’t Stop You (I Can Slow You Down)

23 It Takes Money

Ty Karim [] – Lightin’ Up [US Romark 73-104]
Ty Karim (1974) - Lightin' Up (US Romark 73-104)

Ty Karim (1974) – Lightin’ Up (US Romark 73-104)

Towana & Total Destruction – Wear Your Natural Baby [US Romark RK 102]

Towana & The Total Destruction - Wear Your Natural, Baby (US Romark RK 102)

Towana & The Total Destruction – Wear Your Natural, Baby (US Romark RK 102)

Karime Kendra

Karime Kendra

Karime Kendra appeared at the Cleethorpes 6Ts Weekender in 2008 to perform the songs of her mother (Ty Karim). Heres a couple of clips of her performance.

Karime Kendra – Lightin’ Up Baby

Karime Kendra – Wear Your Natural Baby

Cleethorpes Weekender 2008

Weekender programme

Interview with Karime Kendra

Karime Kendra @ Facebook

Karime kendra @ Facebook2

Karime Kendra @ MySpace

Ty Karim & George Griffin Keep On Doin Watcha Doin [US Sheridan House]

Original version of the track by C.B. Overton [1977] – If I Can’t Stop You that also resurfaced by Johnny Bristol [1982] – If I Can’t Stop You on Handshake?

Ty Karim & George Griffin (1980) - 12 - 01 - Keep On Doin' Whatcha' Doin' (Sheridan House SH-78002)

Ty Karim & George Griffin (1980) – 12 – 01 – Keep On Doin’ Whatcha’ Doin’ (Sheridan House SH-78002)

Long Version

Ty Karim & George Griffin (1980) - Keep On Doin' Whatcha' Doin' (Konkord SH-78002)

Ty Karim & George Griffin (1980) – Keep On Doin’ Whatcha’ Doin’ (Konkord SH-78002)

Ty Karim [] – You Just Don’t Know [US Romark]

Ty Karim - You Just Don't Know (US Romark RK-113-B)

Ty Karim – You Just Don’t Know (US Romark RK-113-B)

Ty Karim [] – You Really Made It Good To Me [US Romark 113]

Ty Karim - You Really Made It Good To Me (Romark RK-112)

Ty Karim – You Really Made It Good To Me (Romark RK-112)

Ty Karim [] – I Ain’t Lying [US Roach 182]

Ty Karim [] – Lighten Up Baby [US Car-A-Mel K 1877]

Ty Karim - Lighten Up Baby (Car-A-Mel 1677)

Ty Karim – Lighten Up Baby (Car-A-Mel 1677)

3 more releases with the same backing track:

Ike & Tina Turner – Somebody, Somewhere Needs You [WB 5766]

Ike & Tina Turner (1966) - 45 - 01 - Somebody (Somewhere) Need You (UK WB 5766)

Ike & Tina Turner (1966) – 45 – 01 – Somebody (Somewhere) Need You (UK WB 5766)


If someone you’d give your life for

Walks out on you

And you feel you have no one

No one else to turn to

Open up your heart

Stretch out your arms

Remember somebody else somewhere

Somebody, somewhere

Remember somebody else somewhere

Needs you… right now

They need you right now

If ever a pain in your heart

Makes you feel like crying

If at night, you just can’t sleep

Cause you can’t stop crying

Heartaches seem to multiply

Your eyes just won’t stay dry

Remember somebody else somewhere

Somebody, somewhere

Remember somebody else somewhere

Needs you… right now

They need you right now

Don’t worry bout the past

Hold your head up high

You’re gonna see a golden

Rainbow way up in the sky

Turn back the clock

Open up your heart

You’ll hear a knock

Oh, baby, I need you

Listen, in my arms

Is where you belong

I need you right now

I’ll never, never, never

Leave you, no, no

I need you right now

Baby, oh, baby

Sweet baby, I need you

Yes, I do, I need you.

Darrell Banks – Somebody, Somewhere Needs You

Larry Laster [] – Go For Yourself [Loma 2043]

Larry Laster - Go Gor Yourself (Loma 2043)

Larry Laster – Go Gor Yourself (Loma 2043)

Check price here

Darrow Fletcher – Discography UPDATE!

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Many thanks to Derek’s Daily 45s for the addition of the following 5 missing tracks from the Darrow Fletcher Discography.

Darrow Fletcher – Now Is The Time For Love (Part 2)

Darrow Fletcher – I Think I’m Gonna Write A Song

Darrow Fletcher – We Can’t Go On This Way

Darrow Fletcher – I Like The Way I Feel

Darrow Fletcher – I Gotta Know Why


The remaining outstanding missing tracks are:
Dolly Baby [1971 ] Uni 55270
Try Something New [1975] Crossover 980
We’ve Got To get An Understanding [1976] Crossover 983
This Time I’ll Be The Fool [1976] Crossover 983
Let’s Get Together [1978] Atco 7083

It would be fantastic to have Darrow’s full discography available, so any assistance in finding these would be greatly appreciated.  I have found these tracks listed on a couple of record dealers sites and have contacted them but I think their sites are long out-of-date as I have had no response as yet.

P.S. Links available now for previous Ollie Nightingale & Lynn White post.

Ollie Nightingale / Lynn White – I Don’t Know Why

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Back to some classic Modern Soul –

Ollie Nightingale [1971] – I Don’t Know Why [Sounds Of Memphis 105]


Ollie Nightingale (1971) - I Don't Know Why (US Sounds Of Memphis 105)

Ollie Nightingale (1971) - I Don't Know Why (US Sounds Of Memphis 105)

A great cover version by Lynn White

Lynn White [1993] – I Don’t Know Why [S.O.H. 1725]


Lynn White (1993) - I Don't Know Why (S.O.H. 1725)

Lynn White (1993) - I Don't Know Why (S.O.H. 1725)

Monclairs Links Now Active

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Finally … Montclairs links have been uploaded, so check out the previous posts.

Also been trying to complete a Darrow Fletcher Discography. Many thanks to the G-Man and his contacts over at The Keeper Of The Lost Dreamz for several missing links and also Derek at Derek’s Daily 45s for agreeing to hunt down some of the missing tracks. Still a few missing so if you can hook me up with any then please leave a comment. Enjoy….

PS Almost forgot …. the password is ‘soul-spinner’

Future posts in the pipeline coming soon:

Ronnie McNeir
Ty Karim
Darrell Banks
Oscar Perry
Sam Dees
Patti Hamilton & The Lovelites
Johnnie Taylor