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Jackie Wilson – R&B Time …

Posted in 6Ts Soul, Jackie Wilson, R&B on July 16, 2009 by SoulSpinner

Some earlier 60s ‘rawer’ R&B cuts …

Jackie Wilson [] – Soulville [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson [] – That’s Why R&B

Jackie Wilson [] – You’d Better Know It R&B

Jaclie Wilson [] – Baby Workout

Jackie Wilson [] – I Can Do Better [Brunswick]

Jackie Wilson [] – Lonely Life [Brunswick]

Jackie performed this? song it the Movie, “Teenage Millionaire”.The melody is from a classical piece, words by Al Kasha who wrote 7 songs for Jackie as well as for Steve Lawrence, Elvis and many more including 2 Academy Award songs, for “The Poseidon Adventure” and “Towering Inferno” “Lonley Life” reached #80 on the charts in 1961. The flip side, “I’m Coming On Back To You”, also written by Al Kasha, charted at #19 Pop and #9 R & B. Jackie Wilson had 5 chart hits in 1961 [PutOnASweater]