Welcome to ‘Modern Soul’ and thanks for visiting.  The main aim of this blog is to promote rare and hard to find soul artists and tracks.  The site is for promotional and educational purposes only, with the intent of exposing obscure sounds to a wider audience.  If you like stuff posted here seek out available product from the artist or the record company responsible for reissues and compliations.  The samples on this site are low quality reproductions for promotion and are not to be regarded as a substitute to owning the original vinyl or CD with sleeve notes and artwork.  If any company or artist objects to their work being promoted in this manner then simply leave a comment to that effect and the post will be renmoved immediately.

Note: Downloads will be in the format of .zip files and password protected to prevent link piracy.  The password is ‘soul-spinner’.  If you download from any other blog and have to use this password then you know where it came from originally and know that the author has more than likely ‘stolen’ the link.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi.
    My name is Martin and I run a soul blog out of Uppsala Sweden. Its focus is mainly rare
    60s and 70s soul records. Northern and Modern soul stuff. I was wondering if you would be
    interested in helping me generate some more visitors by adding a link to my blog on your
    site. I will of course do the same for you. I´d really appreciate it a lot.
    Check it out and see what you think: http://www.soultreats.se

    All the best,


  2. Howdy friend, i’d like to speak to you about your discography work on darrow fletcher which i find fascinating.. please email me so i can elaborate.

  3. Ignacio Says:

    I’ve been visiting your site and I’ve enjoyed a lot. I saw your complete discography on Darrow Fletcher but all links were dead. A massive reup would be ask too much, wouldn’t it?
    Keep the faith!!
    Greetings from Barcelona

  4. Lute Records just re-launched with “Sugar and He Needs Her” by the Isonics and “I Wanna Know” by Emmy Lou. Please visit http://www.LuteRecords.com and the Lute Records Facebook page.

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